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Ban Kava Primary School

-= Project 3: Kava Primary School =-
{ Completed December 2012 }

(5-classroom school)
(Fully furnished, washrooms, clean water supply, and supplementary: school supplies, student uniforms, and school sporting supplies)

Major contributors: The Philanthropic Foundation of Washington D.C., The Manitoba Council for International Cooperation, the Phommarath family of Steibach, Manitoba, the Pearse family of Dominion City , Manitoba, LYS of London, UK.



Since our original Ban Ngiew project is taken over by Japanese International for Cooperation Agency last fall, we are happy to announce our new Project 3: Kava Primary school. It is located in central part of Laos, in Kava village, Hinboun district, Khammouane province. In accordance with our selection criteria, the village has an existing school structure along with teachers and teaching resources provided by the state, and this school is in dire condition (See our video clip). As it provides for a relatively large number of students from villages in the neighbourhood, it also shows potential for future growth.

There are 86 students from grade one to grade 5 currently attending Kava Primary School. Furthermore, many more are expected to enroll in the next school year as the new school is built with room for growth. Providing a better learning environment to so many children represents a truly rewarding achievement. However, reaching our goal will require great efforts from everyone. Your support and generosity gives us the assurance that this adventure will end successful.


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The new school



School Blueprints


Blueprint Floor Plan Washrooms Pump House Sides


Construction Photos
(Construction began March 2012)