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School for Kids in Laos Inc. is a non-profit, registered charity, and humanitarian organization with one simple mission: building schools for children in rural regions of Laos who are in critical need of an adequate learning environment.

Education is a vehicle for knowledge. This knowledge enables people to make more informed decisions and alleviates poverty, thus creating a better tomorrow.

100% of all donations go toward the construction of schools.


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100% of your donations go toward building schools!
Interested in helping? Join us! We're always looking for volunteers.
Tax receipts now available for american donations via Tides Foundation USA.


Art Work of Thep Thavonsouk

Thep Thavounsouk Gallery

Buy Amazing Art and Help Build a School in Laos

Renowned artist Thep Thavounsouk has joined SKL to help children in Laos. Purchase one of Thep's beautiful limited edition prints and you will help build a school in rural Laos.

Choose from three different prints!

Ban Pakxoun Primary School Completed

You can adopt a project

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A great way to help is to adopt one of these small projects.

Whether as a group, business or individual, you can adopt a smaller project and help build a part of the school while being recognized. A granite plate acknowledging you or your group will be issued and installed on the structures being sponsored.

We are looking for sponsors for the following projects:

Our 5th endeavour is Viengkham Lower Secondary School and we'll have more information soon about what projects are available for sponsorship.

1. One classroom (includes desks, and blackboard) - $10 000
2. Clean Water Project
- provides clean running water to the school. - $3000
3. Electrical Supply - $2000
4. School furniture Project
- includes benches, desks, chairs, chalk board and other amenities for learning - $ 1500
5. Washrooms Project
- 4 washrooms for girls and boys (detached) - $4000

Please contact us to sponsor your project today!

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Any amount can go a long way.
Thank you!

our partners

Our partner: The Philanthropic Foundation of Washington D.C.
BondPR Worldwide Manitoba Council for International Cooperation Radio-CBC Give @Hand

Viengkham Lower Secondary School

$ 22,200
($55, 000)

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Please contact us to place your advertisement or sponsor a project.